My Fav EM Links

Check Out these Blogs/sites:  – Blog by Dr Mike Cadogan and crew. Packed with great EM content and zany humor. – Blog by Dr Michelle Lin a leading educator in our specialty. – EM content by Drs Hall and Dowling. A good primer for your ER rotations. – Dr Smith From Hennepin – Great EKG resource – Dr Mike Stone’s blog on POCUS – Andy Neill’s Blog on a variety of topics. [checkout  his anatomy in EM pages] – Graham Walker … nuff said Scott Weingart … nuff said (computer … why’s he in bold text??)

Free Emergency Talks – Joe Lex. If you know EM, you know Joe Lex. – fellow canuck Aaron Johnston. Check out his very comprehensive Links page. – Dr McGonigal The Trauma Professional Blog—Practice-Management/Geriatric-Videos/ – ACEP Video lectures on Geriatric EM


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