My Fav EBM and Education Links


McGill EM Links: I have been fortunate enough to collaborate with these folks. This should be considered a one-stop shop for all EM related content. – This self-described “poor man’s Journal Watch” is a must RSS for anyone interested in staying up on EM

BestBets: A great resource for up to date clinical answers that we care about like “the usefulness of the white-cell count in appendicitis” – use it to nuke some sacred cows!

The NNT – Powerful DATA to help you understand the benefit: harm paradigm

A Life At Risk – Likelihood Ratios like nobody’s business.


U of C Faculty of Nursing ELearning Resources – Good Fodder for any Edumacator – Dierde is an unsung hero at the U of S. Her insights are worth adding to your armamentarium.


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