Heroes In Medicine

I was looking up the Heimlich Maneuver [which is actually a registered trademark – who knew?] any way the biography on Henry Heimlich was v interesting. [see link below]. Got me thinking about physicians that should inspire us. [By the way … did you know that there is a Canadian Medical Hall of Fame?]

The most famous Canadian is probably Dr. William Osler [see below], but I think that there are others worthy of mention so if you see someone that’s not on here lemme know.

Get! That! Furrball! out!

Here’s a great blog on Osler from the folks at LIFTL

How about the other Canucks? [Read about some of these greats including Dr Norman Bethune]

Dr Paul Parks – Paul is one of the most humble, affable docs I know. They should make a movie [or he should write a book] on how he tried to advocate for Albertans suffering in our ED’s [despite outright intimidation tactics and the constant threat of being fired].

Dr. Nigel Rusted

How about Dr Heimlich

Dr Sima Samar


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