7 comments on “Hot off the Pan!

  1. This is hilarious, Nadim. Gently pokes fun at the whole process of writing abstracts and makes one very peckish at the same moment. My father published 200 journal articles including several in the NEJM. At the same time as a grizzled youth I was publishing poetry in very obscure poetry journals. We had the discussion about how a perfectly composed abstract was similar to a perfectly composed poem. Both attempt to distill the English language down to a pure metallic residue with not a single extraneous word or idea. Both are finally often impenetrable except to the expert. Unravel an abstract you find the left brain, the physical world, the body of knowledge, the universe. Unfurl a poem you find the right brain, the spiritual world, the body of understanding, the universe. This delightful piece of crepey science alludes to this difference… this similiarity….. Roberto

    • HI Robbie!
      thanks! agree … the goals of this blog is to share my every day experience and put myself out there [I like that my zany humor is appreciated] … I find that if I am happy, I am creative. I think creativity is a good barometer for how much balance you have in your work-life.

  2. robbie drummond! a) who the hell is your dad? b) write more….. your response felt like poetry to me! nadim! a) there is abundant satire here – delightful. i agree with the creative …. my personal inner barometer is gauged both by the number of belly laughs that i get to have in life (that of course can never be planned for) , and my energy for reaching out to others in creative engagement, all balanced by a dash of reflective space. ; ) your blog is a delight to me! b) i see that I am not longer your one and only fan…. : )

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