4 comments on “Show me a PICTURE and let me LISTEN to your words

  1. excellent… reflecting on my last talk – i ‘made excuses’…for not being an expert – a talk that was actually a real challenge to give because it is a subject matter that is seen very little in pediatric emergency medicine (pediatric cardiac emergencies). I must have ‘qualified’ myself about 10 times…. : ( the truth though is that it is a talk that I can’t give with true anecdotal experience – like my fever talk… so it’s harder to truly ‘own’ it. I don’t like to appear arrogant – like being a master of something i’m really not. the TRUTH is – i chose that talk so that I could reteach myself and get some help with cardiology and peds ICU. i also find that the ‘evals’ are non-existent mostly, so hard to say what i could work on. I love to give anecdotes though to try to bring the topic to life. Great to have some guidelines for improving. Not sure I’ll ever cut the state of the art power point sophistication though N – not without your help!

    • ha! Vicki … I don’t recall so much “qualifying”. But you raise a good point about “not feeling like the expert” when giving talks on rare stuff. I think you can own it to a fair degree if you know the material intimately despite the lack of clinical correlation. This isn’t arrogance. The point I was trying to make is 1) If you come off sounding apologetic – people may not value your words. 2) There really shouldn’t be any excuses if you do all the steps right :). I am not entirely truthful when I said that people expect you to be the expert. Adult learners are okay with the non-expert as long as you guide them to the right conclusions [which you did by having cardiology in attendance]. Lastly nobody starts out as a technical expert – that’s what faculty development is for 🙂 thanks for the posts.

  2. Hey Nadim, thanks for posting that! I have been looking for the details on this for a while.

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