2 comments on “Conversation on Having a Moment of Silence

  1. great picture nadim! great work! i agreeing that the spirituality and sense of community can transcend particular religions. One of my favorite words is “Namaste” – i honour the God in you. I honour the story in you, I honour the story that you are. Last night a man died in the ER during my shift from a motorcycle accident. It seemed like the lack of any observed ritual left individuals in their isolated roles but without a way to express the common bond of humanity and community that can offer a collective ‘namaste’ . thanks for great research Nadim.

    • thanks Vicki,
      One of the themes that came out from the comments that respondents wrote was that a moment of silence would be beneficial to the staff in terms of closure and the opportunity to transition into a debrief. The last tragic car wreck left a few of our staff very upset – not sure if anyone took a moment to do a debrief.

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