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  1. Lots of great food for thought. Context is helpful. For example, what I can ‘get away’ with in the Peds ED re my own personlity style of how i interact with kids, might not ‘work’ on the internal med floor. One thing I do enjoy about Peds ED is that the zany and quirky parts of my personality, have a ‘fit’ there – not always, but often. I recently received a coloured drawing and note from an 11 year old boy in BC who took the trouble to design and then send me a thank you picture. I plan to frame it – it is so sweet. my ‘professionalism’ was one of playfulness, humour and interaction that might not have been as suited in other arenas of medicine.

    One thing that I’ve learned over a long period of time which I think has helped with my growth and professionalism is not to take everything personally – eg the angry parent. I don’t know why – but I used to. I used to see it as a personal failure and at times react. I can now most often ‘detach’ and stay in my own skin and respond, not react.

    I think that collaboration and recognizing one another’s efforts in our collective work is huge.

    I have also learned to recognize my limits. As professional, we juggle teaching, managing, communicating and I have found that not being honest about my personal resources, edges me towards the ‘reactive’ not the ‘responsive’. I’ve learned to ‘forgive’ myself for my limits, despite system pressures not to have them . In other words, for me, part of professionalism is self-care.

    Maybe see you at the SCH fundraiser tonight – Black Tie Bingo! : )

    • Doh! Didn’t get bingo invite – we must be in different circles 🙂

      Sounds like you already have reflected on “what you are about” and are comfortable with it. Like I said – your brand evolves over time.

      You raise a good point about cutting yourself a break and deciding what requires reacting to – In my mind [when I wrote that] … these are situations where you have a) let yourself down or b) times when there is a misunderstanding about what you represent. These need to be nipped in the bud quickly and professionally … then you move on. [Preaching to the choir I am sure].

      thanks and keep the reflections coming


      • well, i’ve had to apologize more than once in my life, for ‘reacting’ in a moment of frustration (i doubt it had anything to do with not being able to find tongue depressors, chairs, or otoscope head though) LOL. Quick apologies for an unintended harsh word, or acknowledgement, goes a long way to make a bigger statement about character (in my view), than the original issue of reacting , being short, etc. Nipping in bud and moving on makes great sense!

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