3 comments on “Courage to Make Lemonade

  1. Heavy stuff Nadim and feelings of sadness as I reflect upon a teen gal tonight who I felt so helpless to help in her sadness. There is no denying the tradgedies of life. ( I lost my own Mom suddenly 3 1/2 years ago as a result of a choking incident with complete obstruction and know a little bit about the way life can change direction on a dime. I will never forget ‘the call’ from the firefighter, and my frantic drive to SPH during rush hour traffic…..). For me it is ultimately spiritual – and about a Hope that transcends the crap of life that seems so random and pointless. I think about how much gratitude helps in the day to day and how a Bigger View helps me to keep perspective (sometimes). I am sorry about your friend N. Thanks for keepin’ it real.

  2. gosh – not at all. in my experience grief is it’s own journey – nothing gets ‘re-opened’ : ). For me, part of this journey is a heightened clarity to pare down the essentials in life to what is important. gratitude and perspective make great roommates! May your mentor friend find strength, hope and courage in this most difficult time….

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